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The company: mission and name

Our health depends on the quality and safety of food. This company aims to market products that will allay any worries about food safety. Here we present devices designed and produced by us to measure the quality and safety of food in a reasonable time QS: quick and simple, quality and safety. From these initials was born the name of the company: QS-Solution

Company details

Name QS-Solution
Address 1-31-9 Hiyoshidai Tomiya Miyagi Japan 981-3362
TEL/FAX +81-22-393-8135
Established 2007
President Tokuko Sato
Technical Advisor Minoru Sato


19 July, 1999
Patent application for the Histamine Checker
(Pat. pending: application no.1999-203999)
17 January, 2003
Histamine Checker patent granted
(Pat. no.3390700 for simple method of histamine analysis)
6 October, 2006
Patent application for the Freshness Checker
(Pat. pending: application no.2006-274721)
1 April, 2007
Date of establishment
20 December, 2007
Business start-up for Freshness and Histamine Checkers
10 April, 2009
Freshness Checker patent granted
(Pat. no.4291381 for method to measure the freshness of fish and meat)
Freshness Checker
Histamine Checker
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