title Histamine Checker

The Histamine Checker can be used on any kind of flesh (freshly killed or frozen), using samples taken from any tissue location.

Histamine Checker

These devices were developed by Professor Emeritus Minoru Sato at the Marine Biochemistry Laboratory of Tohoku University Faculty of Agriculture.

When fish is no longer fresh, it can easily cause food poisoning. This may appear as a skin rash, which is caused by histamine present in decaying fish. This is a simple method enabling the visualization of histamine levels, allowing inspection by eye.

Spot Analyzer

Spot Analyzer

This is a computer program to calculate histamine concentration. Results can be displayed on a monitor, or a hard copy can be printed, and saved to a database.

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Principle of the Histamine Checker

When red-fleshed fish, such as tuna and sardines, is no longer fresh, the histamine released can be a cause of food poisoning. Histamine extracted from fish is separated by electrophoresis, stained, and the amount present is measured by colour intensity.


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